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by Kristine Stanton © 2021

Have you ever stopped to wonder
how all things came to be,
and in those times of wonder
did you notice, did you see . . .

The beauty of Creation
that surrounds both you and me,
the clouds up in the heavens
and the roaring, rolling sea?

The moon, the stars, the sun that shines,
the earth beneath your feet,
the songs you hear at break of day
by trilling birds that tweet?

Did the fragrances at springtime
from blooms with lovely scents
embrace the air with sweetness,
precious gifts the good Lord sent?

Have your eyes beheld the beauty
that autumn colors bring
as orange, red, and yellow leaves
cloak branches where they cling?

Have you caught the hint of raindrops
'fore they were Heaven sent?
Did you notice how the air stirred
as rains made their descent?

Have you listened to the quiet
as snow falls to the ground?
Did you feel the peace of God
and give ear to other sounds?

As you ponder all these questions,
please know that God above
created all you witnessed
with His wisdom, grace, and love.

And though you do not see Him
know the Lord will always be.
He was, and is the great I AM
who lives in you and me.

This poem was a finalist in the January 2023 poetry contest

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