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Echoes of Palms: Modern Reflections

by Bose V © 2024

In circuits hum, where screens aglow,
Amidst the rush, where do we go?
In AI's realm, we find our way,
Yet on this Palm Sunday, let's pause and pray.

Palms once waved in ancient streets,
Now pixels flicker, modern beats.
Their deeper truth through wires glows,
Of humility, love, and inner throes.

As palms were waved in ancient streets,
In modern realms, their message beats.
Symbols of victory, yet more they speak,
Of renewal, rebirth, and hope's mystique.

The donkey, meek, bore a king's weight,
A lesson in humility, not to abate.
In pixels and bytes, let this truth be found,
That greatness lies where love is crowned.

The cloaks laid down, a carpet spread,
Signifying faith, hearts widespread.
Beneath, surrender, deep and grand,
To the one with thorns and pierced hand.

In joy and tears, as Jesus trod,
Lessons of sacrifice, pointing to God.
In circuits' hum, let this truth prevail,
In compassion, love's endless tale.

So let us celebrate, concise and clear,
Palm Sunday's essence, ever near.
In symbols old, a truth still grand,
Of love and forgiveness, hand in hand.

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This Christian poem may be used within Christian ministries for any non-profit purpose without requesting permission.
Please remember to mention the author of this poem when using.