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Home At Last!

by Christine Quinn © 2023

Imagine you're in bed one night
And you're woken with a sudden fright!
A blaring shout, then a trumpet blast,
You know you're heading home at last!
Your body starts lifting off the ground,
You're moving up at the speed of sound!
Through the roof above and into the sky,
Then watching as the clouds roll by!
The stars twinkle in the dark night sky,
And so many others are soaring high,
What will it be like, to see His face?
What will it be like, this Heavenly place?
You've waited so long for this amazing thing,
The heavenly angels start to sing,
Their voices echoing all around,
You've never heard such incredible sound!
Then suddenly you see His face,
And understand His amazing grace,
To rescue you from this sinful place.
And now you're truly home!
At the Judgement Seat we receive our rewards
For helping others on behalf of the Lord.
Crowns will be given for what we've done,
On behalf of His only begotten Son.
Then the Wedding Feast of the bride and groom,
The most delicious meal we'll ever consume!
Being there with Jesus and all the redeemed
Feeling happier than we've ever dreamed!
All the pain and despair is now in the past
Praise God, we're finally home at last!

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