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Poems by Christine Quinn

poem count: 4 | pages: 1 | finalist: 1 time
Just Believe
Sometimes we feel as if God is way too busy to ever take much of an interest in our lives. This poem highlights how important we are to God, and how He makes the time to take a personal interest in each one of our lives!

Home At Last!
We're living in the end times. We're so privileged to be a part of this end times season. This inspired me to write this poem.

Shadows turn to Sunshine!
There must be some benefits to living a Christian life! This poem outlines just a few of them for believers.

Poem for God finalist in poetry contest
This poem speaks of how wonderful God’s creation is - the stars, flowers, bush, mountains, etc. It finishes with a compelling question about recognising all of God’s handiwork in nature and yet daring to doubt His existence.