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Don't be Misled

by Kristine Stanton © 2021

Many shall come in godly disguise
and try to deceive with misleading lies.
Do not believe - they'll lead you astray.
These things will take place near Judgment Day.

Strange things will appear throughout the skies -
significant warnings seen by all eyes.
Omens of evil, portents above -
all will be warnings from our God of love.

Dismay on the earth will try all mankind -
fear will run rampant confusing the mind.
Perplexed by these signs, many will flee
and oceans will rage with intensity.

The courage of some may falter and fail -
fear of their fate will cause them to wail.
The Day is forthcoming - time does draws near.
These things will take place 'fore Jesus appears.

This poem was a finalist in the February 2023 poetry contest

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