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As for Me

by Dave Mudford © 2024

thunder rumbling distant threats
days clouded with distractions,
life overwhelmed with regrets
searching for satisfactions;
… As for me,
I will still trust in Thee
for You have made me free.

dry parchment of harshest days
pain reminds of hidden scars,
choking dust begins to raise
blinding hope from shining stars;
… As for me,
I will always praise Thee
living on bended knee.

empty shallows of awards
leaving real value in doubt,
they're left juggling falling swords
struggling to thrive through the drought;
… As for me,
I will try to serve Thee
from my pride will I flee.

World is running after purpose
the weight of disappointment reigns,
players in a broken circus
claiming freedom in shackled chains;
… As for me,
I will surrender all to Thee
to thy perfect grace will I plea.

when the thunder starts to rumble
run fast into Christ's loving arms,
don't get caught out in the jungle
for there's danger in earthly charms;
… As for me,
may I always start with Thee
to His end may I agree.

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