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My Sometimes; His Always

by Dave Mudford © 2023

Sometimes my faith is like a tide,
And I'm in for a bumpy ride;
Why does it recede when in the ease?
It seems to me I am hard to please;
I grasp it tight when my life gets tough,
When turbulent seas are making it rough!

His faithful love is always there,
There's no need for me to despair.

Sometimes my love is like a storm,
It depends on how "they" perform;
Given when my needs are met,
Determined by what I get;
Fierce and strong if feeling I belong,
Damaging emotions when conflicts strong.

His faithful love makes me complete,
Putting all things down at His feet.

Sometimes my joy is like a fountain,
Only there when I'm on the mountain;
Hidden deep when the spring goes dry,
When only on myself I rely;
From my wishful thoughts I need weaning,
Needing to see He is the meaning.

His faithful love gives me perspective,
When I'm aware and am receptive.

Sometimes my peace is like a breeze,
It comes and goes just as it pleases;
Vanishing when I start my reeling
Dependent on how I am feeling;
Disturbing the desires of my flesh,
Failing to see what God gives afresh.

His faithful love so steady and pure,
From fret and worry, He is the cure.

Always God's grace is like a gift,
To show His love and heal the rift;
Constant in each and every season,
Mine with no rhyme or no reason;
Flesh nailed to wood; blood flowed freely,
Only because He loved me dearly!

His faithful love means my release,
His Spirit gives love, joy and peace.

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