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Come Join Us in a Treasure Hunt

by Kristine Stanton © 2023

Come join us in a treasure hunt—
we're searching for the LORD.
His face is what we're looking for—
come help us to explore.

The LORD has given us a map
to follow on this trip,
and there'll be rules we must obey—
we will be well equipped.

This map will lead us to a path—
one marked up with footprints
and there'll be angels sent to guide
us on this life-long stint.

They'll lift us up so we don't fall
or stumble on some stones,
and Christ will also shepherd us—
we'll never be alone.

And there will be another one
to guide us on our way.
He is the Spirit of the LORD
who'll make sure we don't stray.

But if we choose our own pathway
we'll have some ups and downs.
It's then we'll fall prey to the ones
who walk on evil grounds.

And those who follow the LORD's map
will see the tracks Christ made
upon a path—a tranquil one
where we'll walk unafraid.

I pray we follow the LORD'S map
to seek His precious face.
It's then we'll find the Treasured One
who's filled with love and grace.

This poem was a finalist in the February 2024 poetry contest

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