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Not So Ordinary

by Dave Mudford © 2023

I wish some days, I could swallow a dictionary,
Then my lines and rhymes wouldn't be so ordinary;
They would then be filled with portentous words,
Penetrating deeper into souls than swords.

They would then deliver so much more than sentiment,
Intransigent people convicted by my testament;
Irreconcilable differences, disrupted by God's thought,
Not just my haphazard phrases, adding up to naught.

My negligence of descriptive words would be no more,
Elaborate comprehension, extended to explore;
Elegant summaries now portrayed in full expression,
Discernment of God's grace, thoroughly in our possession.

Apprehension of concepts, not foreign to our approach,
Established in God's knowledge, suffering not reproach;
Consideration undertaken, intimately discovered,
Love not so ordinary; now known, perceived and uncovered.

Note: Portentous - of momentous significance; eliciting amazement or wonder

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