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Goodbye And Hello

by Carol Connell © 2023

Goodbye to sin, temptation and trials.
Goodbye to all that corrupts and defiles.
Goodbye to crime and violence and vice.
Goodbye to everything naughty, not nice.
Goodbye to false teachers and doctrines they teach.
Goodbye to gross government overreach.
Goodbye to lying politicians.
Goodbye to death, no more need for morticians.
Goodbye to debt and to paying the bills.
Goodbye to this flesh with it's aches and it's ills.
Goodbye to poverty and it's lack.
Goodbye to being stabbed in the back.

Goodbye to this world and it's imperfection.
Hello at last, day of resurrection!

Hello hello, to the call to come higher!
Hello, hello, blessed angelic choir!
Hello hello, crisp,
celestial air!
Hello, hello, Beulah land, bright and fair!
Hello, hello, to those streets of gold!
Hello, hello, new body; gone is the old!
Hello, hello, to splendor awaiting me!
Hello, hello to peace for all eternity!
Hello, hello, to the truly greatest grace!
Hello, hello, to Jesus,
at last to see His blessed face!!

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