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The Main Course

by Dave Mudford © 2024

Without Christ…
beaten down and broken
wounded by my despair,
hope is never spoken
a wreck beyond repair.

insecure and aimless
not going anywhere,
unknown, I am nameless
not sure what to declare.

smashed life caused by sorrow
depressed by circumstance,
frightened of tomorrow
blinded from true romance.

love seems to only crash
headlong into remorse,
fit only for the trash
pain becomes my main course.

With Christ…
beaten down and broken
He wounded and inflicted,
true hope now awoken
as the prophets predicted.

I'm assured and focussed
now on my way to prayer,
known, I'm fully noticed
His truth I now declare.

smashed life is now restored
not fussed with circumstance,
resting; today explored
all of my life enhance.

love covers all my wrong
not living with remorse,
knowing where I belong
grace is now the main course.

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