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A View from the Empty Tomb

by Kevin Smead © 2024

Out of a place of darkness comes a shining ray of light;
Happiness to human hearts, from that which causes fright.
From a place of death and doom, comes a brand-new birth;
And heavenly hope arises from the depths of mother earth.

From a narrow corridor, the greatest freedoms rise;
One sees the heavens opened, though one cannot see the skies.
Within a little chamber, lies the key to vast domains;
A man can find his everything where nothing now remains.

A place so cold and barren, yet it strangely warms the soul;
We find our greatest fullness in a damp and empty hole.
Associated with the end, it's where the journey starts;
What His presence would not give, His absence now imparts.

A heart once seared and hardened, now is softened by a stone;
One finds his true belonging, standing in this place alone.
A permanent possession found within a borrowed tomb;
This place which knows no sunlight, is the place where faith will bloom.

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