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Happy Hospitalidays

by Carol Connell © 2022

Happy Hospitalidays?
That doesn't sound like fun!
Such was the case with our family
for Christmas 2021.

Twas the early morn of Christmas Eve
when all through the house
everyone was sleeping,
except for my spouse.

He'd been up almost all night
and had begun to question
a pain in his chest
that he thought was indigestion.

He scarcely made a sound at all.
There was no noisy clatter,
but when he texted me to come downstairs,
I arose to see what was the matter.

We talked about his symptoms,
and we both did agree
to err to the side of caution
and head for the emergency.

I headed back upstairs
and quick as a wink got dressed.
My husband just seemed very calm,
so I wasn't feeling stressed.

Our grown up kids we woke up
to let them know our intent,
and we all gathered close together
as up to God, prayers were sent.

Then spouse and I were off in a flash
to the hospital nearby.
It felt like I was in a fog
as I drove and saw cars pass by.

We checked in and soon
my spouse was taken back.
The staff did confirm
he was having a heart attack.

As he was wheeled to the cath lab
it sure did seem,
so very surreal,
like an unexpected dream.

By this time we had alerted
friends and family to pray.
I'm thankful for their supplications
more than I can say.

Three stints later
and the doctors were through
as hubby was taken
up to ICU.

This hospital journey
was not something we planned
but thankfully, all the way through it,
we could see God's loving hand.

The phone calls, each text,
the kind and loving concern,
that was shown by so many
when of hubby's plight they did learn,

the food that was dropped off to us,
some visits and some flowers,
the blessings sent our way
were like sweet, refreshing showers.

To our amazed astonishment
that turned to great delight,
a friend was even so kind
to start a GoFundMe site.

It was truly overwhelming
that folks would care so much.
Our souls, they swelled with gratitude.
Our hearts were deeply touched.

Now as the days draw closer
to Christmas 2022,
gratitude and thankfulness
wash over me anew.

Although I'm undeserving,
God's blessings do abound.
I'm exceedingly filled with gratefulness
that my husband is still around.

Though a hospital can be helpful
in sickness and malaise,
I concur with the songwriter.
I like home for the holidays.

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