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by Kristine Stanton © 2023

SUMMER is the season
to walk upon the sand.
Ocean waves are rolling
and splashing o'er the land.

Children are seen playing
and running on the beach
chasing flying seagulls—
the ones they cannot reach.

The good Lord sends the sun
to warm the earth below.
Faces become reddened
as soft winds gently blow.

There's a FALL-time season
when leaves drop from the trees,
gracefully they're carried
upon the autumn breeze.

The air begins to chill—
the sun is not so warm.
Days become much shorter—
at times they look forlorn.

WINTER comes upon us
and brings with it the snow,
chilling lands and forests
as blustery winds do blow.

Pure white snowy blankets
conceal the earth that sleeps.
Land does not awaken
until it rests for weeks.

Then the SPRING-time flowers
peek out from underground.
Being a new season
the blooming buds are found.

Bees are busy buzzing
while children run and play.
The earth has come alive—
this blessed good Lord's day.

This poem was a finalist in the March 2023 poetry contest

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