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Redeeming Grace: A Journey from A to Z

by Bose V © 2024

In the garden, Adam fell, a story old,
From A to Z, sins, in Scripture told.
But fear not, for redemption's light does shine,
Let's journey forth, seek grace divine.

A is for anger, that flames within,
To overcome, let forgiveness begin.
B is for blasphemy, words untrue,
To conquer, let praise and worship renew.

C is for coveting, desires untamed,
To defeat, gratitude must be proclaimed.
D is for disobedience, a rebel's snare,
To redeem, obedience is the path we dare.

E is for envy, a green-eyed leer,
To transcend, love thy neighbor, be sincere.
F is for falsehood, lies that deceive,
To restore, let truth and honesty weave.

G is for greed, a lust for wealth,
To rise above, seek treasures in heavenly health.
H is for hatred, a poison so strong,
To heal, let love and compassion belong.

I is for idolatry, worship misplaced,
To break free, let God's love be embraced.
J is for jealousy, a heart's bitter sting,
To transform, rejoice in others' blessings spring.

K is for killing, a life taken away,
To repent, cherish life every day.
L is for lust, desires impure,
To purify, let chastity's allure endure.

M is for malice, intentions unkind,
To mend, let kindness and goodwill bind.
N is for neglect, hearts grown cold,
To warm, let empathy unfold.

O is for oppression, a tyrant's hand,
To liberate, seek justice throughout the land.
P is for pride, a haughty crown,
To humble, let humility be renowned.

Q is for quarrels, conflicts arise,
To reconcile, seek peace under skies.
R is for rebellion, against God's will,
To submit, let surrender be the skill.

S is for selfishness, desires unmet,
To transcend, serve others without regret.
T is for theft, taking what's not thine,
To repent, restitution is the divine sign.

U is for unbelief, doubt's cold grip,
To restore, let faith in God's promise equip.
V is for vanity, a mirror's snare,
To overcome, let inner beauty declare.

W is for wickedness, hearts gone astray,
To repent, let righteousness lead the way.
X is for xenophobia, fear of the other,
To conquer, embrace all as sister and brother.

Y is for yielding to temptation's call,
To resist, let God's strength be our all.
Z is for zeal without knowledge to guide,
To enlighten, seek wisdom as our pride.

From A to Z, sins we may face,
But through Christ's love, we find grace.
In every trial, temptation, and test,
In His arms, we find rest.

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This Christian poem may be used within Christian ministries for any non-profit purpose without requesting permission.
Please remember to mention the author of this poem when using.