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The Tumbleweed

by Clinton Herring © 2023

Have you ever seen a tumbleweed
Blowing across the ground?
It's dead, this plant, with sticky thorns
And seems so weirdly round.

It once had life and held on tight,
Anchored to the soil.
But now it's loose and blows around
And cause such a roil.

They seem to catch on every fence
And cause an ugly sight.
To pick them up without gloves,
They're sure to leave a "bite".

God gave them life, but when they die,
They're a problem for everyone.
To clean them up is such a chore,
It's not so really fun.

We, too, are dead, to God that is,
and seem to blow around.
How thorny must we seem to Him,
our sins now out of bound.

He sent His Son to clean us up,
by dying on a cross.
His life, He gave, to bring rebirth,
that takes away our loss.

For God gives life in place of death.
What mercy and what love!
Now, we were dead, in sin we died.
God gave us life thereof.

We need, no longer blow around.
We're anchored in the Son.
Our roots now firm, He holds on tight,
For life, we have in One.

This poem won second place for the April 2023 poetry contest

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