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My Darkest Hour

by Sybil Fulk

I opened my eyes, just barely awake,
And woke to a terrible, terrible ache,
An ache that only God can atone,
He shows me again, that I'm not alone.
With no goals to conquer, no dreams to achieve,
I'm finding it harder to truly believe,
I work and I crawl, to no real avail,
It seems that I constantly trip up, and fail.
I fear my own future, with nowhere to go,
A woman alone; a life full of woe.
There are days that I'm happy, but night time I fall,
And find myself gazing, at a shadowy wall,
A photo hangs there of my husband and I,
Before the long and so painful "goodbye"
I'm left with a burden, exceeding my thoughts,
That once was a battle that both of us fought,
Tomorrow may bring a much brighter day,
But for now, I can't keep the aching away.
I've traveled so far as a woman and child,
A strength from within, I've learned from and filed,
And yet this mountain again that I face
Makes me dream even more of a happier place.
Though I'd never do anything to end all the pain,
I wait for Gods plan, and an end to the rain.

This poem was a finalist in the April 2023 poetry contest

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Book by Sybil Fulk

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