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by Sybil Fulk

Only a moment lies between
A thought and then a smile
Only a heart of love reveals
Who goes the extra mile
Only a day goes by before
A bud becomes a rose
We only see the bounty
That the path beyond bestows

Only a tearful eye recounts
The pain upon the heart
Only the clear glass house in which
We live can fall apart
Only the lies we tell ourselves
Obscure our destiny
Only the selfish thoughts
We have, cloud often what we see

Only the Jesus that I know
Can take the pain away
Only the God of Abraham
Creates a brand new day
Just the assurance of heaven's gate
Will give us the strength to go
Only our heavenly father there
Can pave our paths with gold

Only a heartbeat away or
A look across a room
Could cause this sleeping heart to wake
And gently start to bloom
When all the truth falls in to place
That time will be sublime
Only God can bring us face to face
All with good reason, all in due time

This poem was a finalist in the April 2023 poetry contest

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Book by Sybil Fulk

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