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The Lighthouse

by Sybil Fulk

Adrift on the ocean late one night
Alone on the vast open sea
With a powerful storm approaching
There was no way to hide or flee

The fog was so thick and foreboding
The wind had the boat in its grip
Having lost the control of the steering
The vessel could easily tip

It was then that my vision focused
On words that I wanted to pray
The fear that I'd never awaken
Created the words that I'd say

"Oh God, in your infinite wisdom
Protect me from this mighty storm
Be by my side until morning
And shield me from impending harm"

It was then that I thought I heard him
Above all the sounds of the sea
"I am the light of the world, my child
Take my hand, and just follow me"

The words from his lips brought comfort
As I battled to just keep afloat
The thunder and lightening did threaten
The plight of my little boat

A vision appeared in the distance
Of a light not so far away
I was thinking I might be just dreaming
Till I thought of the prayer I prayed

I had no control of direction
The boat took on that stormy night
But I prayed that the Lord would carry
The boat to the glowing light

I noticed the light getting brighter
As it blinked on the distant shore
I could see it was light of the lighthouse
One I had not seen before

This poem was a finalist in the April 2023 poetry contest

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Book by Sybil Fulk

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