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What I'd Want to Be

by Kristine Stanton © 2016

One day while sitting all alone
a thought had come to me.
I thought about the days ahead
and what I'd want to be.

It's then I heard a gentle voice—
a voice that spoke to me.
It prompted me to look inside,
to listen, and to see.

I saw a pair of hands with scars—
ones that once bore nails.
These hands reached out to help the poor,
and never did they fail.

I also saw a pair of feet
that bore past wounds, as well.
They marked a straight and narrow path
as far as I could tell.

The footprints on this path were made
by Jesus Christ, God's Son.
He placed each mark upon this path
for each and every one.

My eyes have seen, and now I know
what God was showing me.
He opened wide my eyes and ears
so I could hear and see.

This poem was a finalist in the April 2023 poetry contest

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