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The Country Church

by Sybil Fulk

A church with no foyer
And one with no steeple
It has not an alter
But is yet full of people

There are no fancy pews
But room for all guests
There's no organized choir
But yet they are blessed

Communion is simple
They're no chalices of gold
The building's just a trailer
For all searching souls

The pastor isn't a scholar
But knows that he must tell
The message that's full of power
To serve all the people well

The dogwood and lilac
Surround it in spring
There isn't a bell
But the angel still sings

With joy and a faith
So happy and bright
She worships her Jesus
In this church full of light

I've tried other churches
But have ended my search
For if the spirit resides,
It's in this country church

This poem won first place for the April 2023 poetry contest

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