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The unmatched gift.

by Lorin Elias

Jesus Christ our saviour
was sent down here to earth.
A humble home for animals
the place of our Lord's birth.

His father saw our fallen state
deserving wrath outpoured.
But loved us with agape love
and spared us from his sword.

Our works and efforts all in vain
to try to earn his grace
With only filthy rags in hand
we could not see his face.

He made a way to save us
from this battle we are in
And sent his dear son Jesus Christ
to pay for our own sin.

What contrast to the heavenly realm
he left behind that day
as he was born in human flesh
laid in a bed of hay.

A gift so small but yet so large
it cannot be compared
A loving father sent His Son
so our lives could be spared.

We cannot worship like we should
if we don't understand
How we are lost without this gift
sent by God's own hand.

So in spirit and in truth
let's worship Christ our Lord
The one who gives eternal life
and saves us by his Word!

This poem was a finalist in the December 2023 poetry contest

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