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The Speck that Exposes the Beam

by Raydene Nash

You can be favored, loved, and forgiven,
Like the devil may care with what you've given.
If your body is a temple, nobody knows,
Especially when you're in passion's throes.
You threw it all away, every chance for even a chance,
In church you can't - in the bar liquored up you can dance.
You live a life of few nightmares,
A life like the devil may care.
What kind of handouts can you spare?
You're just a hexagon trying to fit in a square.

You feel you belong in a church setting,
Why you get mad at them you're forgetting.
The devil would like to be the one to tell
You that you don't belong, yet he is the one who fell.
Despite your weakness you contain a zeal
For others to believe, for to you He's so real.
Though to accept you they are reluctant,
The countenance you show to others is pleasant.
Of every petty offence, you they would accuse,
Of every willful sin, you His blood will excuse.

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