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Please Don't Badmouth Me in Prayer

by Raydene Nash

The Word of the Lord is a call to battle.
If you are called to pray and intercede for me,
Please do not contribute to gossipers' prattle,
Or pray for me self-righteously.
The Word of the Lord is a lover's letter,
He doesn't want to hear how bad I have been.
If you want me to act/think/live better,
Remind God that I have needs to which can be seen.
He really doesn't want to see me do without,
It is not His will that I should live in poverty.
Pray for me prayers of faith without any doubt,
Even if the scriptures eye-to-eye we do not see.
Tell my Heavenly Father that I am wondrously made,
After all, God knew me from the earth's foundation.
Jesus tossed my sin into the sea, to remind Him of it you're forbade,
Remember who I became in Him the moment of my redemption.
Feel free to thank him for doing a fearful work in me,
To ask Him to carry out His word in my life,
To turn my heart to do His will humbly,
And for Him to do His will in me without strife.
The Word of God reveals our heart's intents,
Let the Holy Spirit search your heart for you.
You can't know the mind of Christ, it's so immense,
Yet praying with His mind will keep you true.
The Word of God is a book of law and grace,
Proving that mercy triumphs over judgement.
Seeing me as a hopeless case
Will not be helpful during time in prayer spent.
The Word of the Lord is a book of poetry
Meant to appeal to even the toughest critic.
Ask the Lord to protect each brother/father's example to me,
And to not let the devil's accusations of me stick.
The Word says God does not play favorites,
He whom the Son has made free is free indeed.
Prayer is not meant to be about misses and hits,
Now you know the type of prayer I need.

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