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Jesus knew

by Karen Stringfield © 2016

Jesus knew what he had to face
Only he could do the impossible with such grace.
He knew he would be beaten beyond recognition
But he had to complete his entire mission.

He knew that his friends would scatter and he would walk this path alone.
Could you do that if you had known?
Jesus knew they would spit in his face.
Yet he still loved this human race.

He knew he would be whipped into a bloody mess.
That his flesh would be torn, skin hanging from his body in distress.
He knew he would be sentenced to death.
He knew he would die and take his last breath.

He knew he would die on a splintered cross in excruciating pain.
Yet he went quietly and obeyed God for our gain.
Jesus knew that the soldiers would drive huge nails through his wrist.
All of this started with a close friend and a cowardly kiss.

He knew the soldiers would drive nails through his feet.
And every time we sin, we are putting him back on the cross for a repeat.
The story doesn't stop there,
He knew his Father in heaven would answer his prayer.

Three days after he died, he rose from his grave.
No one but Jesus would have been so brave.
He did this out of a love and grace that we don't understand.
Yet he did it knowing all of this beforehand.

He didn't die in vain as long as we believe.
Don't give in to our culture and grieve.
When it comes our turn to die,
Have faith and look for the light in the billowy sky.

Believe in his promises and know that he won't let you down.
You will enter heaven and be given a beautiful crown.

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