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by Kristine Stanton © 2023

When I looked into the mirror
I said, "who could that be?"
I saw a face with wrinkles
just staring back at me.

The wrinkles—far too many
looked like a roadway map.
They went in all directions,
and some did overlap.

While standing in amazement
by what was on display,
I counted every wrinkle
and shouted out, "no way!"

And then my eyes sprung open—
"what's that upon my head?!!!
There must have been some outbreak
that caused those silver threads!" . . .

God had a sense of humor
when He designed gray hair.
But with it, He gave wisdom
for each of us to share.

I had some mixed emotions
and thought of days gone by,
then looked into the mirror
and breathed a heavy sigh.

I held onto the picture—
the one formed in my mind,
then looked back in the mirror
and saw age well defined.

It's then I was so grateful
for everything I'd earned—
gray hair and aging wrinkles
and every lesson learned.

This poem was a finalist in the June 2023 poetry contest

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