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Grieving With Hope

by Jennifer Kirkendall © 2023

I cried out in desperation,
I needed God to explain,
The reason for this heartache,
That has inflicted so much pain.

I begged Him to respond,
I needed to know "why?"
But I was met with silence,
I could only hear my cry.

I could not understand,
How God could let this be,
I needed an explanation,
Does He not love me?

I was in a puddle of my tears,
Lying on the bathroom floor,
I was so weak and broken,
I couldn't cry anymore.

And in that very moment,
In the pit of my despair,
I could feel God's presence,
As He was lying with me there.

Then I could hear Him speak,
As l was worn down and still,
He said, "I have never left you,
And I never will."

He wrapped me in His arms,
As He continued to comfort me,
He wiped the tears from my eyes,
He helped me to see.

I began to realize,
As my questions began to cease,
I didn't need God to answer me,
But to fill me with His peace.

Then He reached out,
He took me by the hand,
He helped me up,
He gave me strength to stand.

He gives me hope,
To carry me through the days ahead.
He reminds me about Heaven,
Where there will be no more tears shed.

He walks beside me daily,
He helps me carry the pain.
And when I feel like I won't make it,
He is there to sustain.

No matter what I go through,
I do not suffer alone.
Because I belong to Jesus,
He calls me His very own.

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