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Closer Than You Think

by Dave Mudford © 2023

feeling distant in the crowds
no one sees the wounds within,
sunshine hidden by the clouds
knowing not where to begin
he consumes another drink,
lost; drowned in his pain alone
healing closer than he thinks,
his miracle left unknown.

she gazes in the mirror
not liking the picture seen,
pain creeps a little nearer
looking different than her screen
she cuts to avoid the pain,
blood spilt in a hopeless chase
for her loathing still remains,
her miracle not in place.

beaten blue by his abuse
beauty hidden through the shame,
love now used as his excuse
she is scared and takes the blame,
bruises disguised in ugly lies
she's supposed to be adored
romance stained by anger's cries,
their miracle just ignored.

bones shattered by cancer's curse
grief disrupts all living hope,
treatment seems to make things worse
fatigue drains, no way to cope,
scarred deeply, she can hardly breathe
waking, she begins to hate,
twisted thoughts harm a soul that seethes,
her miracle seems to lateā€¦.

Jesus walked our dusty roads
entered our pain, felt our needs,
Man's pretensions He explodes
explaining love through His deeds,
for a Messiah they searched
while His grace was blindly missed
life's meaning was what He preached
a miracle in their midst.

through every journey and each trial
He's there for us to give us breath,
He restores our hope's revival
as we no longer fear our death,
healing is much closer than we think
forgiveness ours forevermore,
Jesus partakes of suffering's drink
the miracle we're waiting for.

This poem was a finalist in the September 2023 poetry contest

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