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A Faded Portrait

by Dave Mudford © 2023

A faded portrait hangs on his memories wall
colors of yesterday erased by cruel strokes,
beauty of family he cannot recall
he does not remember, when his mind first broke.

he's cherished by a love that does not drift
she kindly feeds him as he dribbles on the floor,
commitment honoured through her precious gift
despite all the struggles, God gives her strength for more.

a tear trickles down his face as she sings a hymn
he takes her hand, connecting through pain filled eyes
reminding he's still there, when the light starts to dim
resting in the refuge of grace the Lord supplies.

she adores him even if his smile is not there
heartache carried with her it's the price love has to bear,
Jesus knows the weight for on the cross He got to share
faithfully they served, they deserve our earnest prayer!

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