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A Word of Wisdom

by Raydene Nash

If you really want to see it God's way,
It is men who should always have to pay
When things go awry in relationships,
Especially within church fellowships.
If only Adam had stood up for Eve,
The serpent on the sly would not deceive
Her offspring that include Christ's body,
For whom He gave His life upon the tree.
Men are meant to be our nephews, brothers,
To be viewed as our uncles and fathers.
That is why in marriage we can submit,
As we are members for His body fit,
Each man told to love and give for his wife
As Christ did for the church with His own life.
It is why men should be allowed the floor,
Rather than being shown to the church door.
As Adam by the serpent on the sly
Though not deceived, did give the fruit a try,
He did not defend Eve in the garden,
But would that God's heart for her would harden.
His role in marriage Adam did forsake,
Let church men not that path with women take

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