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Days of Autumn

by Jennifer Kirkendall © 2023

The crisp cool air of morning,
It awakens me,
And there's a cloud of fog hovering,
I can barely see.

The seasons are changing,
And the evidence is all around.
The trees are letting go,
Their leaves fall to the ground.

Golden hues paint the earth,
Like it's been kissed by the sun.
As the warm days depart,
And summer is finally done.

Flowers start to wither,
Their beauty we cannot keep,
Nature becomes dormant,
As God lulls it to sleep.

Mums are now a common sight,
They fill the flower beds.
So many wonderful shades,
Of purples, yellows and reds

Beautiful colors lie everywhere,
Like blankets strewn about,
God is quite the artist,
I know this without a doubt.

The birds flock together.
As they begin to fly,
I see their dark outline,
Etched across the sky.

The daylight is growing shorter,
Earlier dusk begins to fall.
I thank God for the days of autumn,
I really love them all.

This poem was a finalist in the September 2023 poetry contest

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