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Hues of Contrasting Colors

by Dave Mudford © 2023

hues of empty colors
reflecting my broken art,
damaged by my pride's reign
shadows cloud the message heart.

swamped by the grey within
compromise threatens real truth,
rippling through beauty's claim
my journey of faith a youth.

polluted landscapes rise
disguised by rhymes sweet curse,
engulfed by selfishness
I live what I rehearse.

moulded clay facing storm's rage
a sinking vessel left in shards,
pieces scattered in my shame
beauty of grace, my strength discards…

brightness of His blood that flowed
sin's scarlet stain now removed,
bringing light to my darkness
in His love I stand approved.

landscapes reframed in hope
refreshed by His mercy shown,
secure in love's refuge
not fighting my storm alone.

broken pieces of my word's
placed into His tender care,
surrendered to His goodness
for something of worth to share.

hues of vibrant colors
reflecting my healed heart,
restored and fully alive
knowing the Father's heart.

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