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Child of War

by Dave Mudford © 2023

born into conflict's dance
stranger to life's romance,
tears stain their hope's delight
shadows tune devours bright.

bomb symphonies explodes
love's story it erodes,
mutilating innocence
fighting for our preference.

child lost to the dispute
drowned by a grave pursuit,
torn apart deep within
victim of mankind's sin.

peace disguised in hidden lies
no one hears their broken cries,
deafened by our selfish claims
true justice goes up in flames.

burned carcass of a child's dreams
exposed by war's deathly screams,
corrupted ideal's ugly curse
precious children we now immerse…

only hope is in Christ alone
for He takes us all as His own,
all wounded souls healed in love
from war's trial we rise above.

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