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Wanted! Dead But Alive

by Dennis Newton © 2021

I drifted into town
not a dream to my name.
Seems everywhere I wonder,
I leave tracks of failure and shame.

Ashen embers mark my travels.
Dark clouds blanket my sun.
each time I ride hard for home,
I'm gone again, back on the run.

Its hard when you are the hunted.
No place to lay your head.
Wanted for having a heart of disgrace,
Wanted! Better off dead!

Too tired to ride further on,
I find a haven around the bend.
A man at the door, with book in hand
says "welcome, come on in".

Too weary to pass up his offer,
the sanctuary, I entered in.
the man said, "take a seat my friend,
be at peace and we will begin".

I explained I was on the run,
from a posse of memories and lies.
I can find no peace, pursued by my sins
Wanted am I...Dead or alive!

The man opened his book.
His eyes looking into mine.
Freedom he said is here at hand,
a treasure for me to find.

When the morning sun arose,
I felt a newness within my soul.
Dead to me, but anew to the lord.
Serving God is now my goal.

I now blaze a new trail.
Free from the perils and strife.
For now I am truly wanted,
Wanted! Dead but alive!

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