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by Kristine Stanton © 2023

A mother grieving for her child—
the one that was called Home,
can never be described in words—
the feelings that she owns.

Despondent with such hopelessness—
her heartache has no bounds.
She weeps from deep within her soul—
her world's turned upside down.

The emptiness within her heart
has left its mark on her.
The hole that's there cannot be filled,
as things aren't as they were.

The painful sorrow that she feels
is very much brand new.
It has a mighty grip on her
and left her life askew.

To know her loved one left this world
makes healing hard to do.
She wonders how she'll face each day,
and how she will get through.

She mourns the loss of her sweet child—
she's zapped of energy.
Past memories run through her mind—
she cries out, "Lord, help me."

The Lord does hear her anguished cries—
He knows and feels her pain.
He gathers her within His arms
and there she will remain...

She'll stay with Him throughout the days—
the days that she must face,
and He will comfort her with care,
sweet mercy, love, and grace.

This poem was a finalist in the October 2023 poetry contest

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