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The Love of John

by YeoYY © 2023

John, a man, beloved of God
Whose feet with righteousness were shod
And walked throughout the desert place
With steps to pave the way of grace

A prophet, greatest, last of all
Born to live the highest call
As witness to the light that came
Before he did, to bear His flame

Herald of the kingdom way
Truest light, the dawn of day
Prepared his hearers to receive
The truth that willing hearts perceive

Forerunner of the coming king
Whose timeless reign without ending
Was ushered in after he ran
Ahead to mark when it began

"Heaven's kingdom is at hand!"
This he preached throughout the land
And bade the people to repent
While many sinners to him went

By waters baptised, one by one
Until his highest work was done
When a man, greater than he
Partook He of his ministry

Of loving kindred, man to man
Leaning on John, Jesus began
His work on earth, all heaven-blest
When the Holy Ghost on Him did rest

A debt of love and honour owe
Did Jesus unto John bestow
For on his shoulders stood He high
Unto the other testify

Future roads were set in place
Thus Jesus, in this time and space
He the greatest kingdom made
Whilst the price by John was paid

Once the Baptist played his part
For the work of Christ to start
His ministry relinquished he
That the greater, greatest be

By love, in love, forever bound
Echoes of love endless resound
Yet he who did the other love
Made higher, the highest above

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