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A Lament for Love

by YeoYY © 2023

My love is a shade of red too deep
For One I love whose love I keep
Whose beauty is great, His eyes above
Enshroud Himself with clouds of love

O Love, Thy deepness full of pain
Who traceth tender through the rain
Love once found, unwillingly lost
Lies dead and hid beneath the frost

Much pain I have borne, because of He
In small, my love, yet greater be
I sought my heart the Giver give
Forsook my will and want to live

Thought less the precious gift, I bear
Heeded not His loving care
Nor bent my knee to bow and pray
In crisis-hour of kingdom's day

O blessed heart, whom He loveth
Despise thyself for Him thou serveth
His love will not mislead or forsake
The one doth whom Himself did make

Voices call forth, thee to hear
But hearken! To the One most near
All speaking that resounds about
Are lesser truth or love I doubt

O head to think, O heart to feel
Love thyself, love's final appeal
And give not thyself to none, when Love
Wilt beckon thee Him thither move

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