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Journey to Beauty

by Dave Mudford © 2023

Sunset scarlet colors seeking
yet I am on the track to doom,
heading straight ahead to heartache
a path before me since the womb.

Journey to the highest mountain
forever distant through the valleys,
clouded vision creates the broken
as I wander down my dark alleys.

Life is never like the picture shown
its winding journey filled with learning,
landscapes beauty found in its twists and turns
shadows eschewed - just leaves me yearning!

Embracing the portrait God is painting
sees me persevering through life's scars,
knowing there is a blessed picture
lovingly restored in earthly jars.

Note: This poem was inspired by a picture prompt that I was asked to write a poem on. It was a picture taken at sunset with beautiful shades of scarlet colors in the clouded sky. On the far horizon a mountain range can be seen. In the foreground of the photo there are train tracks on a flat landscape that head straight ahead as far as the eye can see towards the mountains.

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