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Pretty Flowers

by Dave Mudford © 2023

As she suckles at her mother's breast
family gather with delightful chatter,
celebrating her birth, love expressed
pretty flowers, to show her life matters.

She dances on tip toes through the garden
a princess cherished in her father's heart,
love blooms; for she always has his pardon
amongst pretty flowers, she's living art.

Her beauty grows within her precious soul
today she is floating on clouds of air,
at the prom with a guy whose heart she stole
pretty flowers pinned to the dress she wears.

Romance's dance still makes her heart flutter
her warrior man, protecting honor
his love poem he can hardly stutter
flowers costing him a pretty dollar.

She clings fastly to her father's arm
as he guides her to her loving man,
a bride of beauty and full of charm
bouquet of pretty flowers in her hand.

Life of heartaches and joy has been shared
raising a family of their own with grace,
fifty years of love has been declared
pretty flowers scent will not erase.

Her faithful man's final breath has come
tears fill her heart where love once stood,
to the curse of death, he has succumb
pretty flowers adorning his box of wood.

Through her grief and pain, through love and joy
through the darkest valleys to the highest hill,
love is known, fear will not destroy
pretty flowers creator, beside her still…

As she rests now in her heavenly home
family gather, different than before,
remembering her, wherever they roam
pretty flowers placed on her grave once more.

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