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Poems About Truth

Sins And Misdemeanors
Without the ability to see and accept our own sins, we are not walking in the ways of Jesus. Reflection is the narrow road, and pride prevents those who know all, and can do no wrong, from finding that road. There's no second chance if that proves true!

The Line
A rhyming journey from moral ambiguity to moral licentiousness.

The Original Sin finalist in poetry contest
A walk back to the first action against God.

The Bible
A lesson God shared with me during a vision, shortly after a near death experience.

Scented Leaves
Fig leaves or any other substitute that man seeks to cover sin will never be sufficient. We must have the blood of Jesus applied to our lives!

Come My Bride
Jesus is coming after His Bride

In The Days
We are in the last days

The Truth finalist in poetry contest
Truth is something that every soul must face. For denial of it's bite is the denial of the one who embodies it! This is the oil that fills the lamp of preparation. Without it, there is only darkness.

The Body Is Just Container
We are all God's Children - Acts 17 : 26

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