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Poems About Truth

Sermon That Counts
Sermon on the mount is a sermon that counts

Your Word
The Word of the Lord

From the Beginning
. . . to the end God was, is and will be!

Right Living
Guidance for the believer in how to live like Christ and do His will is laid out in the scriptures. By obeying what He wrote, He is pleased by our obedience. May we always follow His leading.

All the time
I don't pretend to understand the deepest pains that others have, and may even now be experiencing. I know only that I have seen true, inspiring, beautiful faith and reliance upon Christ, displayed in the deepest of sorrow.

The Infallible Word of God
Why I believe God Word is Infallible and should stay that way!

I Wish I'd Been There
It would have been amazing to walk with Jesus on earth, but He is still our only way to salvation.

When I am Strong
I need to be made weak!

Arguing With Truth
People who believe what they want must argue with the truth.

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