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Poems About Truth

The Return
Concerning returning to Christ, and His return.

There is a Way
The ways of God are better than the ways of man.

Delving into the hard parts of the bible is very confusing yet validating. I have written from my heart and spirit and hope it makes it's way into yours

Weeds first in poetry contest
A poem about on the parable of the weeds.

Five Water Balloons finalist in poetry contest
A poem about our worldly misconceptions.

Untold Story
The truth of the real story of who we are - often left untold!

The Posture of the Heart
Some of the most learned people have concluded there is no God and the Bible is false, while many of their equals have concluded the opposite. How can this be? We'll examine this through a conversation between a "scoffer" and a "seeker" (the narrator).

Messengers Of Truth finalist in poetry contest
When it comes to serving God, not every path is easy. The Prophets and Apostles were the first human messengers of truth. Jesus was the Divine Messenger Of Truth. That path didn't end 2000 years ago. Average souls still walk it today.

This is a poem about worldviews. There are really not many options. As Francis Schaeffer used to say, in the final analyses "there are not many people in the room." Christianity is the true worldview and is supported by both reason and Scripture

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