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Poems by Albert Watson

My first attempt at an Old Testament character

Overcoming The Evil One
Dealing with the enemy of those of us who believe. The one who keeps the world in darkness.

My Prostrate and I.
Some of my personal experience within this poem. Maybe it will give hope and encouragement to others

My Way, His Way
You will have heard the famous Sinatra song 'My Way'. I am so glad that we believers have a very different song. Amen

My Praying Friends
For friends who have prayed for me. I have prostrate cancer and the cancer got into my bones. So it was necessary for me to have chemotherapy and after 6 sessions my P.S.A has come down from 119 to 11. Praise the Lord.

Our Church.
A poem that I trust will encourage members of our fellowship and inspire other believers to see what God is doing among them

My Vision
From conversion to commission

For Those With Ears To Hear.
A hard hitting word written by one who's family and friend's outside of Christ contemplate his/her departure from this life.

Nathanael finalist in poetry contest
The story as we find it in John chapter1 verses45-50.