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Poems by Kathy Kimbrough

poem count: 16 | pages: 2 | first place: 1 time | finalist: 1 time
Only One Reason
I wrote this poem on December 19th, 2000, after reading Matthew chapter 1 verse 21.

A Quiet Life
I wrote this poem after reading 1 Thessalonians 4:11. It says: This should be your ambition: to live a quiet life, minding your own business and working with your hands ...

Little Christmas Tree
Wrote this poem ater watching tree lights flicker on a manger scene in 2007.

Thanksgiving was my first husband's favorite holiday. I wrote this poem on 11-15-07 because he was sick battling Colon Cancer and I knew he probably wouldn't be with us another year. He died August 11th, 2008.

Once And For All
I wrote this poem in 1999, after reading Romans chapters 6-7. It speaks of how Christ died on the cross once, so that all people could be saved.

A Time For Everything
I wrote this poem in 1999, after reading Ecclesiastes 3:1.

Daddy I'm Missing You
My Daddy died in 1979, of Cancer, when he was 46 years old and I was only 20. On this day in 2002, I was really missing him. So I wrote this poem.

And Then He Died
This is a short poem describing the death of Jesus.

The Perfect Man
This poem was written when I was thinking on how great and perfect our Lord Jesus is.