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Christmas Poems

The First Christmas Day (Sonnet) finalist in poetry contest
The world has lost something precious. And it has lost it behind presents, Christmas trees, Santa Claus, elves, reindeer, and other secular pomp and circumstance. Jesus IS Christ-mas, and too many have lost sight of that.

Where did he go? I cant find him anywhere on the earth at Christmas!

A Walk With Jesus finalist in poetry contest
A tale of miracles, and a circular journey from lost soul to saved soul!

Roses For Mama finalist in poetry contest
A poem with a supernatural element to warm the heart.

A Child is Born
The glory and miracle of His birth.

Your Christmas Light
The Christmas light tells me of the purpose of a Saviour. He came as a light shining forth into a world that is black with sin. So let our lights shine for Jesus!

Born In A Manger!
If you look at the story of Christ, or even at a nativity scene, and ask the following: how, when, where, who, what and why. As you ask these questions, you will discover God’s plan for man-kind

Christmas Morn
A reminder of Who and what we are celebrating.

When The Fulness Of Time Was Come
Christmas this year has been an experience like no other. Mandatory mask wearing,virtual Christmas services online, and yet leaving a greater desire to be more caring for thosearound us. May we remember the greatest gift came "In The Fulness of Time.

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