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Poems by Yana Stuart

poem count: 7 | pages: 1
I Praise God
If I had to do a song of praise to God, this would be it.

Chattered Chains
I did this 2 years ago, when I was 14. I needed something to give my Grandmother in NZ, so I gave her this. (I joined because my Dad is NZ and I enter them not to win, but to show people God's love :)

I did this so long ago I forgot anything about it, but I had it still on my computer from 2020!

Where Happiness Reigns
Okay this isn't as good as my other ones- that's because it took me 2 minutes alone to get every single word.

This poem I made one sunny day when I felt bored and had nothing else to do. I prayed to God for some good words, and here they are!

As I Die
I heard about christian's that were to be put to death for their faith, so in my tears I wrote this poem about them and how they would be martyrs for Jesus. And this poem is true. Jesus will give them rest in heaven - freedom from their sorrows.