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Holiday Poetry

Boxing Day Blues
Easy to get the boxing day blues - yet there is an answer to our dismay.

Silent Night
A parallel is given as a little boy ponders the meaning of Christmas alone by the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve

The Star of Bethlehem
The star of Bethlehem is of great importance in the biblical narrative about the coming of Christ. It reminds us that we need God's special revelation to come to the Savior,.

True Thanksgiving
True Thanksgiving has the power to transform our lives, as well as our communities. In a day of when rage and envy are driving the outbursts on the internet and in our streets, true thanksgiving would promote peace, joy and unity.

Thankful Ebenezer Tradition (Golden Tags)
I wanted to capture a tradition my family and I started a little over a decade ago with Thanksgiving and Christmas. Sometimes it's been tough to look through the tags because not all were always seen as positive--they were also significant events.

Unchosen Graves
It's an Ode to War Veterans placed in time at the end of WWII. Give honor to whom honor is due, and praying for The Lord's soon return.

Martin Luther and the Bible
As we near Oct 31, many will celebrate Halloween, but I always think of Martin Luther - for it was on Oct 31, 1517 that he famously nailed the 95 thesis. This poem is about the role the Bible played in the work of Luther and the Reformation.

The Rock finalist in poetry contest
A poem I wrote when walking a mountainous area on holiday.

Independence Day first in poetry contest
This poem is about Independence Day and the freedoms we possess, endowed by the Lord.

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