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Christmas Poems

A Christmas Poem. This focusses more on the Shepherds. They had a special calling, an angelic one, and in obedience they went. Another lyric meant to be sung.

More and more people think Christmas is about having a good time, giving presents, getting drunk and meeting family. So very few think about the true meaning behind Christmas and this poem attempts to answer what "THE PRESENT" of Christmas is all about.

Mary's Little Boy (The Shepherds' Lullaby)
I've often wondered what the reactions of the shepherds were when they saw Baby Jesus in the manger. Perhaps they sang Him a lullaby?

Are You Ready for Christmas? first in poetry contest
A story of getting ready for Christmas

Proud Star of Bethlehem
This is a personification of sorts of the star that God used to lead the wisemen to Jesus.

First Christmas
I love revisiting the Christmas story every year. The thought of God coming to earth still fills me with awe , thankfulness and wonder!

The Christmas Child finalist in poetry contest
Over Christmas, don't fall into the trap in this up-side-down world....

Christmas on the Mission field
Christmas in far off lands may not seem the same as we remember it but it still points us to the gift God gave many years ago.

A Light has dawned
The Nativity from the perspective of Mary, the mother of Jesus.

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