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Funny Poems

No comment.....Just kidding!

Okra, Chiggers and Red Clay
To my surprise, learning to be a true southern country girl is not so easy. Especially when okra just slides down my throat, chiggers bury themselves under my skin and red clay sticks to my shoes!

Language was confounded once. Which makes it extremely hard to really know who, or what another person really is.Oneness requires a common language.

“Hallelujah!” (or so I thought!)
A light-hearted poem changing the words of the Hallelujah song

Just for a bit of light relief, a short verse that says much albeit brief !

Our Sorry Ways in these Covid Days
We have been trying to write poetry from our experience of living through the Coronavirus pandemic. Our Sorry Ways in these Covid Days , is about the ways in which our family says sorry to one another when things have got the better of us .

Covid Level Care first in poetry contest
I have been thinking much about the efforts applied to stifle this persistent virus. I wondered what that effort might entail applied in other areas of life and ultimately in our relationship with the Lord.

The First Day of School
A motley group of animals are racing toward school -- their very first day!

God Went Fishin' finalist in poetry contest
A light look at the story of Jonah

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