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Poems by Deborah Ann Belka

poem count: 1055 | pages: 118 | first place: 4 times | second place: 8 times | finalist: 67 times
One Single, Blessed Plateful
Here's what I'll be doing before the big feast!!

Thankful In Every Season
You don't need a season to be Thankful!

Thankful For All The Right Reasons
May our heart's be filled with thanksgiving and gratitude for all God has done, is doing and has yet to do!

Autumn's Peace
A season for us to find peace and rest!

Ripe for The Picking
Come soon Lord, come soon!

Oh, My Anxious Child
Let Jesus be the One to guard your heart and mind.

If It Be God's Will
Pray always for His will to be done!

Adding To Your Faith
Faith has so much to offer us if we keep adding to it!

How Troubling to God
Is God troubled by our lack of faith and trust in Him?